About Two Little Pandas

We are a family who loves to travel, and really love helping other families travel as well!

When we decided to have children, traveling was always part of the plan. But finding out that we would be having TWINS and not just one baby made the whole traveling plan a bit more intimidating.

And once those two babies came, and we were already exhausted and overwhelmed just at home, travel seemed even less possible.

But we did it anyway, made every mistake in the book, but we’ve enjoyed every trip!

So now we want to share all our tips, tricks, hacks, mistakes to avoid, and travel guides with you. We know that travel with kids can be difficult, but it’s also so amazing! You’ll never forget those special experiences you’ve had with your family, but first, you have to take the first step and book that trip!

We are ready to help and cannot wait to connect with you!

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