About Us

Hi! Welcome to our blog. Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Amy. I’m a nerd/engineer turned mom of twin boys and a couple of trouble-making dogs. I am completely addicted to coffee and capable of overthinking anything, and I spend my days trying and failing, to be a minimalist, healthy, environmentally friendly, kick-ass mom.

My husband, Thang, is also an engineer and is the chef of the family. Luckily for me, he is continuously testing, improving, and inventing delicious recipes. And he’s the one that just gets things done when I get stuck in planning mode.

Our kids, Branson and Dax are identical twins and are 3 years old. Their interests include airplanes, tractors, and dinosaurs, and legos. They love going to new places, hiking, and anything they can climb. Though they have a lot of similarities, they are very different kids. Dax is our pensive guy. He cannot hold still and is always ready for the next thing. Branson has a LOT to say and loves to sing, and usually gets very engaged in whatever he’s doing.

We spend our days exploring near our home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, eating the best food we can, and getting out of town for adventures at every opportunity.

We are learning how to rethink travel, and life, with twins and having a ton of fun along the way.

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