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Updated 1/15/24

If you have more than one child, and your family loves to travel, a lightweight double stroller is a necessity!  As a twin parent, we have always needed a double stroller, and let me tell you, we do NOT like the size of most double strollers.  

But there are so many truly amazing lightweight double strollers out there now.  Strollers that are light on … well.. weight, and heavy on features.  They are easy to push, easy to fold, but with all the features you’d expect even in the best double strollers.  In fact, for many families, a double umbrella stroller end up being the only stroller you ever need (IF you pick the right one)! We have found some lightweight double strollers we KNOW will be amazing for your family!

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What We Were Looking For

Truly Lightweight

This one is obvious, right? If you want a light weight stroller, you want it to REALLY be lightweight.  

While traveling, the strictest stroller limit we’ve encountered is American Airlines 20 lb limit policy. Strollers over 20 lbs should be checked at the ticket counter. And you aren’t going to want to limit which airline you can fly on, or end up buying ANOTHER stroller, we aimed to find strollers under that 20 lb weight limit. 

Truth be told, there are not a lot of double strollers out there that are under 20 lbs. So, we will recommend some that are over. BUT our top picks are under 20 lbs because we feel that weight limit is important.

Weight Capacity and Range

The truth is double strollers are expensive.  So if you are going to invest in one, you’ll want it to LAST.  We love strollers that can be used from birth all the way until you DEFINITELY don’t need one anymore. 

Though it’s rare to find a double umbrella stroller that can be used from birth, we found the next best thing.  (And if that’s a sticking point for you, we even found a few that will work from birth.)

And don’t forget about the other extreme – years into the future.  When your kids are big but still need a stroller sometimes!

For our family, a lightweight, umbrella stroller is used primarily for travel. And even now that my boys are 4.5 years old, we STILL use a stroller for travel periodically even though we haven’t used one at home in ages.

With Disney trips, long airport treks, or red-eye flights where the kids really need to be sleeping, strollers can really come in handy for travel. Even though they can walk those longer distances, sometimes it can be a struggle to get them to do it if they are very tired, or very bored. And, if a kid happens to fall asleep, carrying a big 4 or 5 year old who won’t wake up isn’t my FAVORITE thing!

Weight capacity, on the low end AND on the high end are HUGE when it comes to picking a double travel stroller. You don’t want to end up buying a SECOND lightweight travel stroller when your kids outgrow the first, and you realize there is no end in sight.


For many parents, a Disney-friendly stroller is on their must-have list.  Neither Disneyland or Disney World allows wagons or strollers bigger than 31 inches by 52 inches. And since double strollers can be SO massive, we were sure to consider Disney limitations. Every stroller we recommend within the limits and perfect for Disney parks!


While traveling, you might wind up pushing your double lightweight stroller for full days, as you stroll through along on lengthy vacation strolls, through tourist attractions, and in theme parks. The stroller becomes a coat rack, a water bottle and purse holder, a nap space and more. 

For my frequent-traveling family, we find that we use our travel stroller, and each of its features, WAY more than our heavier, at-home stroller.  And the great thing about a lightweight stroller – there is no reason NOT to use it at home, as well as on the road.

Size When Folded

One of the main issues we’ve had with double strollers is that they take up SO much space! If you don’t drive an SUV or a minivan (or don’t NEED to rent a larger vehicle while traveling), it can be tough to find a stroller that’ll even fit. Even when looking at lightweight double strollers, the folded up size can be massive!

Ease of Folding Up

When you have twins, or two young children, you just don’t have time to fight with your stroller every time you need to open it up, or fold it away. So a stroller that can be folded up, or opened up one-handed, or in one quick step is a huge advantage!

Our first travel stroller was hard to open, and after trying to open it in the jetway, with two sleeping babies, and line of people waiting for us to move, we learned the hard way JUST how important it is to have an easy to open and easy-to-fold stroller. Learn from our mistakes. Get a great double umbrella stroller that you can fold up, or open up in a SNAP!


A double stroller can be a beast to push around. The best lightweight double strollers should go through all standard-sized doorways, and be reasonably easy to push, turn, and maneuver. We were looking for something you won’t hate pushing around, even when your kids are bigger, and heavier.

One common problem with double tandem strollers is that the standard 6-wheel design means you have the center wheel right in front of you when you are walking. Often, you’ll end up stepping on the wheel, or tripping on it a lot while walking. Because of this issue, we find that tandem strollers with a 4 -wheel design are easier and more comfortable to push.

However, the 4-wheel design could lead to sagging and wear for heavier kids.


One thing we wanted to mention is that these stroller are all amazing strollers that can be used for travel and for everyday use around your neighborhood, or WHATEVER. But really none of them are great for trails, gravel, or kind-of off-roading. It’s sort of an unfortunate reality of a lightweight stroller. There are, however, many that have higher-end tires, and a minimal amount of suspension, and we’ll point that out where it applies.

Top Pick: Zoe Twin+

(This stroller is unfortunately out of stock on Amazon- we are hoping it’ll be back in stock soon! You can still buy it direct from the manufacturer.)

The Zoe Twin+ is the clear winner when it comes to double lightweight strollers. This stroller is packed with more features than any other double umbrella stroller out there. And at only 19 lbs, it weighs less than essentially every other double as well! 

This twin stroller really is a game-changer! It folds up small enough to fit in the trunk of most cars, or it can even be carried in a backpack! This stroller also has tons of high end features, including a huge sunshade, reclinable foot rests, comfortable push bar, cupholders, belly bars, and more so you will totally forget you are using a lightweight stroller!

One HUGE bonus of this stroller: it’s one of the only double strollers out there that meets American Airlines super strict 20 lb limit policy. As a twin parent, you KNOW that checking the stroller at the ticket counter can be a deal breaker. Trekking through the airport with two babies and ALL the gear can feel close to IMPOSSIBLE. So you probably won’t want to take any chances on the limit and will want to make sure you are under it, if you ever fly American.  

I do have one SLIGHTY nitpicking complaint about the Zoe Twin+. My kiddos are big. Bigger than average kiddos, and as Disney lovers, we really need a stroller even at age 4 (and probably at age 5, maybe even age 6. Pretty much I want one as long as I can find one my kids’ butts will fit in). This stroller has a generous weight capacity of 45 lbs per seat, but my 4-year-olds are already too big. The UPPAbaby double, for example, goes up to 55 lbs per seat, which really extends the life of our travel stroller for things like Disney.


  • Full coverage, 4-panel sunshade, with full UV protection
  • Fully reclining seats, with independent control
  • Adjustable foot rests
  • Large under-seat storage area, with stretchy openings for odd shaded items
  • One-step foot brake
  • High-end ball bearing wheels, with locking wheels, and 2-wheel suspension
  • Adjustable leg rests
  • Window to check on napping babes with a magnetic closure
  • Tons of color options
  • Weight capacity of 45 lbs per seat

Included Accessories

  • A removable parent cupholder
  • 2 child cupholders, and a snack holder, all interchangeable
  • Double belly bar


  • Very lightweight at only 19 lb
  • Expandable to a triple or quad stroller
  • Straps are easy to adjust, and have multiple positions for a comfortable fit for infants all the way through preschoolers
  • Push bar rather than separate handles, making the stroller easier to push, even one handed
  • Easy to fold up. Folds up smaller than most double strollers at 28″ x 29″ x 9″, and will fit in the trunk of most cars
  • Huge canopy that extends all the way down, plus adjustable leg rests so your baby can nap comfortably
  • Interchangeable cupholders and snack holders make travel easier
  • 4-wheel design so you aren’t constantly tripping over the center wheel, like on 6-wheel stroller designs


  • Cannot use with car seats
  • Cannot use from birth. Baby must be 3 months to use
  • Wheels are not great for off-roading or even on grass
  • Lower weight capacity than other strollers in its class

Top Budget Pick: Jeep Scout Double Stroller

The Jeep Scout Double stroller is a great options for families needing a budget pick. This stroller is the lightest stroller we found, even beating out the Zoe Twin+!  This stroller easily meets American Airlines super strict 20 lb limit policy, making it a great stroller for flying.  

It’s super lightweight and easy to push.  However, you’ll notice while the stroller does have all the features you need, including storage, a cupholder, and sun canopies, you won’t get as many features as you’ll find on the Zoe Twin+.  BUT you also pay less than HALF the price of the Zoe.  

Again, we don’t LOVE that the weight limit is only 35 lbs per seat. The average child will hit 35 lbs around age 3, and big kids could reach it by age 2, so this stroller might not last as long as you hope.  


  • Extendable sun canopies
  • Reflective material for high visibility at night
  • Front wheels have suspension and swivel system
  • Extremely lightweight at 18.3 lbs
  • At less than 30 inches wide, it can fit through standard door openings


  • This stroller is the lightest one we’ve found at only 18.3 lbs total weight!
  • 4 storage pockets on the back, including two stretchy mesh pockets
  • Independently reclining seats that will recline enough for naps!
  • Comfortable push handles that are tall enough for most adults to comfortably push
  • Footrest for more comfortable toddler naps
  • 6-wheels give a great turn radius
  • Price- this double stroller is less than half the price of most of it’s competitors, yet still sturdy and lightweight


  • Cannot use with car seats, or from birth
  • Weight capacity of only 35 lbs per seat means your child may outgrow this stroller (and still need a stroller sometimes!)
  • Sunshade is small compared to the Zoe Twin+, but large compared to most other umbrella strollers
  • No underseat storage, or storage for larger items
  • Just a single cupholder included
  • Folding up the stroller is a multiple-step process, and not quite as simple as some of the higher-end competitors

Runner Up: UPPAbaby G-Link 2

The UPPAbaby is a beautiful, and functional stroller with tons of bells and whistles you’ll love. One of the biggest reasons we love this stroller is because it can be used for babies as young as 3 months old, and all the way up to 55 lbs per seat!  Even big kids likely won’t hit the upper limit of this stroller until after their 5th birthday.  

This stroller has tons of higher-end features, like a fantastic under-seat storage basket,  a large canopy with UV protection, adjustable foot rests, and adjustable 5-point harness.  It’s a great choice for families who need a great balance of features and weight, and won’t compromise on higher weight capacity!


  • Lightweight at 22.3 lbs
  • 4-wheel design for easier pushing and maneuverability
  • Large, 4-panel canopy with UV protection
  • Easy, one-handed recline on both seats
  • 55 lb weight capacity for each side (110lbs total)
  • Lockable front wheels with suspension and flip-flop friendly brakes
  • Parent cupholder
  • Large, sturdy, under seat storage plus two back-of-seat storage pockets
  • Adjustable footrest


  • 55 lb weight capacity is better than most lightweight double strollers, so it’ll work even for big kids who only need a stroller on REALLY long days (like Disney!)
  • Simple to fold up with a hand release and an automatic locking mechanism. The stroller also has a carry handle.
  • Well designed recline makes for smooth reclines (so you won’t wake up your sleeping child leaning him back)
  • Push bar makes for easier, and more comfortable, pushing (even one-handed)
  • Adjustable footrest
  • 4-wheel design means you won’t trip over the center wheels, like in the 6-wheel design


  • Over our 20 lb total stroller weight limit (though still quite lightweight)
  • Cannot be used from birth
  • No child cup holders
  • This stroller is larger when folded than some of the competitors
  • Just a single cupholder included
  • Folding up the stroller is a multiple-step process, and not quite as simple as some of the higher-end competitors
  • Stroller is narrow, so even though the weight capacity is high, your child’s hips may be too wide to comfortably fit as they grow

Best From Birth : Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller

For many parents, finding a stroller that can be used FROM BIRTH is a sticking point. And I get it.  No one wants a pricey stroller that will really only work for you for 6 months or a year.  Yes, baby-wearing can help but not all parents/babies tolerate it (and baby-wearing twins can be tricky!)

However, this stroller still does need the added pram for it to be appropriate for an infant. So this, of course, adds extra costs to an already pricey purchase. Twin parents will be happy to learn that you can use two prams at the same time in this stroller, making it totally twin-friendly!

At 23 lbs, this stroller can’t compete with some of the lightest weight strollers, but it is quite lightweight, and has a good balance of weight and features. In fact, based on looks, you’d never guess that this is a lightweight stroller. It has all the features, like comfortable, padded and nearly-flat reclinable seats, sun canopies, a push bar and a large, sturdy under-seat storage basket.


  • A large, under seat storage basket rated for 15 lbs
  • 4-wheel design for easier pushing and maneuverability
  • Lockable front wheels with suspension, and flip-flop friendly brakes
  • Safe to use from birth (with pram) all the way up to 33 lbs (per seat).
  • Large canopies to protect from sun and rain
  • Indepedantly fully reclinable seats
  • 55 lb weight capacity is better than most lightweight double strollers, so it’ll work even for big kids who only need a stroller on REALLY long days (like Disney!)
  • Simple to fold up with a hand release and an automatic locking mechanism. The stroller also has a carry handle.
  • Well designed recline makes for smooth reclines (so you won’t wake up your sleeping child leaning him back)
  • Push bar makes for easier, and more comfortable, pushing (even one-handed)
  • Adjustable footrest and adjustable foot rests
  • 4-wheel design means you won’t trip over the center wheels, like in the 6-wheel design
  • Comfortable, padded seats and padded 5-point harness.


  • Can be used from birth with pram (sold separately)
  • Nearly-flat seat recline and adjustable foot rest make for comfortable naps
  • Folds easily and intuitively, and stores compactly while folded
  • Super comfortable for both kids and adults with comfort features including well-cushioned seats, adjustable foot rests, plush push bar, and more
  • Large canopies with peeaboo window help babies nap, and parents keep an eye.
  • Large storage basket has back or side access, and enough space for larger items
  • Narrow 26″ wide design means it is easy to take anywhere


  • At 23 lbs, this stroller is over our 20 lb weight limit but still pretty light!
  • No cupholders included
  • Maximum weight capacity of 33 lbs per seat means your kids might outgrow it and still need a stroller
  • This stroller isn’t super budget friendly, and once you add the cost of pram(s), and consider that your child might outgrow it, it may not be cost effective for some families.
  • Sunshade doesn’t come down completely, so it might be too bright for some children to nap. Velco on the peekaboo window makes quick peeks noisy.

Best with Car Seat: Summer 3DPac CS+ Double Stroller

This stroller has so much going for it.  Like many of the lightweight double strollers we’ve recommended here, it has WAY more features than you really expect in an umbrella stroller.  

Most moms really want a stroller they can click their infant car seat into, and this one delivers! However, there are two important notes here: 1.  It only works with Graco SnugRide Click Connect, Chicco KeyFit 30. Chicco Fit2, and Baby Trend Secure Snap Gear 35.  And 2, this stroller can only accommodate one car seat, and one without a car seat, so it may not be a great option for twin parents. But great for parents of a newborn baby, and a toddler or preschooler.  

The stroller also folds up really small, and though it is above our 20lb limit, it’s still really lightweight at 23lbs.  It can be folded up one-handed, and opens just as easy.  Plus it folds up the short way, which, to me, is easier to manage.  


  • Lightweight at 23 lbs total weight
  • Car seat compatible with no adaptor (for select seats only, and only one car seat can be used at a time)
  • Mesh peek-a-boo windows for checking on napping baby, and extra ventilation
  • Parent cupholder, plus mesh pockets for each child
  • Large canopies to protect from sun and rain
  • Large under-seat storage basket, and two pockets on the back of the seats
  • Good for kids up to 50 lbs (per seat)


  • Car seat compatible
  • Easy to fold up one-handed, and easy to open
  • Push bar makes for easier, and more comfortable, pushing (even one-handed)
  • 4-wheel design means you won’t trip over the center wheels, like in the 6-wheel design
  • Large storage basket huge! Perfect for bulky diaper bags and more!
  • One foot brake (flip flop friendly!)


  • Only compatible with a few car seat options, and only one car seat at a time can be used.
  • Above our 20 lb weight limit, so it might be too heavy for some airlines
  • Stroller recline is limited- it doesn’t lean back as far as some of the competitors, so naps might not be super comfortable

Tell us in the comments which double umbrella stroller you chose!

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