Things to do in Salt Lake City with Kids

Utah – known for its great skiing, red rocks, and its most prominent religion, the LDS church. It’s also a great place to visit with your kids. Salt Lake City is BUILT for families with children. Utah has the highest birth rate per capita, and it shows in the kid-friendliness of this beautiful city. Everything is kid-friendly, so getting around is easy, and kid-friendly activities are numerous. We LOVe visiting Salt Lake City with kids!

My husband and I actually lived in the Salt Lake area for a while pre-kids, so we are pretty familiar with the area. But it’s a totally different feeling to take our kids there and be able to experience the city with them. Such a fun city to explore!

Where to Stay with Kids

While staying in Salt Lake City with kids, we find that being RIGHT in the middle of downtown is more of a hassle and less of a convenience. Salt Lake is a sprawling city, and feels more like a string of suburbs than a true city with a centralized and super important downtown. So you’ll end up driving around the valley for all the amazing kid-friendly activities Salt Lake has to offer. So why bother with downtown driving and parking hassles, etc.?

Also, we find the Eastern, and Southern portions of the greater Salt Lake City area to be the most beautiful. So we chose to stay in the most beautiful, and most convenient for us Eastern neighborhoods.

Here are a few hotels we love in the Salt Lake area.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Sugar House has a fantastic location right in the heart of adorable Sugar House. It’s right across the street from Sugar House Park, and next to the Sugar House Shopping Center, where you’ll find tons of dining and shopping opportunities. The hotel features larger rooms with 2 queens and a trundle bed, a small indoor pool, free breakfast, and a small shop to purchase snacks (because kids always need snacks).

Hyatt Place Cottonwood features slightly larger rooms with 2 queens and a sleeper sofa, plus fantastic views, and a great, center-of-the-valley location. The hotel has an outdoor pool, and breakfast, and a grab-and-go cafe, plus a coffee bar. There are tons of dining options really close to the hotel as well.

Marriott University Park is conveniently located very close to the Red Butte Gardens, Natural History Museum, Living Room Trailhead, Hogle Zoo, This is the Place Heritage Park and tons of other Salt Lake attractions. The views are outstanding, and the hotel offers 2 restaurants, a Starbucks, but no pool. The rooms are pretty standard but clean and comfortable.

Top Activities for Families

Salt Lake City, and the surrounding area has SO many really fun and unique things your family will love! In no particular order, here are some of our favorite things to do in Salt Lake City with kids!

1. Thanksgiving Point

Probably one of the highlights of this area for our family is Thanksgiving Point.  It’s technically located in Lehi, just south of Salt Lake City, and it’s basically five huge attractions all in one.  It includes the Ashton Gardens, Farm Country, Butterfly Biosphere, and Museums of Natural Curiosity and Ancient Life.

Plan to stay the whole day, and then get an Explorer Pass, so you can save money while visiting all five venues.   

Tulip Festival at Ashton Gardens

Ashton Gardens

It is 55 acres of perfectly manicured flowers, trees, and open fields, and even includes the largest man-made waterfall in the western hemisphere.  The gardens are beautiful at any time of year, but the Tulip Festival in the spring is absolute perfection. Most of the gardens are stroller-friendly, and I’d bring one for toddlers and preschoolers because there is a LOT of walking to be done. 

Age Recommendations: All ages, truly. Grandparents will love the beauty. Kids will love being outside. Baby parents will love that it’s easy to push a stroller and relax.

The Butterfly Biosphere

The Butterfly Biosphere is the newest attraction at Thanksgiving Point and includes a discovery zone for kids to learn about all types of insects- not just butterflies, and a play area with a GIANT slide and the butterfly conservatory.  The conservatory has tons of colorful flowers, beautiful butterflies as well as beetles, spiders, and other insects. It’s a great spot to get your young children to slow down a bit and notice all the little things. And you’ll want to focus on slowing down since the butterflies are super delicate and you don’t want your child to be the one accidentally stomping on them.  

Looking for butterflies at the Butterfly Biosphere

Age Recommendation: All ages. The butterflies are amazing for anyone. Younger toddlers might struggle to follow no-touch rules in the butterfly area, but they’ll be able to let loose in the rest of the museum (and butterflies are fast so they won’t be too successful at touching them anyway).

The Museum of Ancient Life

Erosion Table at the Museum of Ancient Life

The Museum of Ancient Life, aka the Dinosaur Museum, is tons of fun for dinosaur lovers, like my kids.  The museum isn’t huge, and my boys ran through it fairly quickly, even though they did enjoy seeing the GIANT dinosaur bones. The real highlight for my 3-year-olds was the erosion table. Water and sand, and toy dinosaurs- oh my! 

Age Recommendation: Kids aged 10 or less. This museum is lots of fun for the younger kids, but older kids might not be as excited.

The Museum of Natural Curiosity

Lots to climb at the Museum of Natural Curiosity

The Museum of Natural Curiosity is AMAZING.  We visited almost 5 months ago, and my kids haven’t stopped talking about it.  It’s a completely separate building from the rest of the Thanksgiving Point attractions and it’s HUGE.  They claim there are 400 interactive experiences, but it feels unlimited. Kids can climb through the rainforest, use tubes to make rivers, play with trains, make music.  I’d have to say it’s the best children’s museum we’ve ever visited, and we’ve visited quite a lot. And it’s not just for small children, there truly are activities for all ages.  Older children can even do an indoor ropes course (for an additional fee). Set aside plenty of time for the Museum of Natural Curiosity- you’ll want it! Also, maybe bring a change of clothes for your toddlers- plenty of young kids end up SOAKED after playing in the water room.  

Age Recommendation: All ages. On our last visit, my teen niece and nephew enjoyed this museum just as much as the toddlers (which was a WHOLE LOT).

My son ‘flying’ a plane with his face, of course 🙂

2. Hogle Zoo

The Hogle Zoo is another great place for young children.  My kids are animal lovers so zoos are always on our list. This zoo features over 800 animals and is a constant work in progress, with exhibits being updated and made more comfortable for the animals every year. Our favorites include the polar bears, every kind of monkey, and the lions. The amazing trainers have some great animal feedings or encounters of different types that your kids will love. We particularly love the elephant encounter and giraffe feeding because both of those gentle giants are just such amazing creatures. You’ll definitely want to check out the event calendar when you arrive so you’ll be able to catch one or two of these great, free events.

You can also take a fun little train ride around the zoo. Or take a ride on the beautiful carousel. You can choose from one of the 4 great little restaurants right at the zoo. Or, if you prefer, pack your family a lunch and enjoy one of the many picnic areas around the zoo.

Temperatures in the summer can get quite high in Salt Lake City. So for your comfort, and to see the animals when they are the most active, I recommend arriving right at opening and hit the African Exhibit first. The zoo is quite stroller friendly, and I’d plan to bring one for younger children since quite a lot of walking is required to see everything. 

Age Recommendation: Certainly can be enjoyable for all ages, but it seems younger children enjoy zoos more than teens. The Hogle Zoo is certainly more geared towards kids under 10.

3. The Living Planet Aquarium

The Living Planet Aquarium was has been in the works for a LONG time, and they’ve finally been able to move to a new, larger location.  We love this aquarium because it has tons of awesome fish and sea animals, as well as some other animals, such as large birds, penguins, and even butterflies seasonally.  Additionally, kids can pretend to drive a ship, and climb inside a sharks mouth. My kids love all aquariums, so of course, this one was a huge hit. But this aquarium does get QUITE crowded on weekend afternoons, so while it is stroller friendly, it might be difficult to navigate with a stroller.  Try to visit off-peak hours for the best experience.  

We love checking out the fish!

Age Recommendation: Like zoos, it seems aquariums are more loved by the younger children, under about 10. But, I love this aquarium just as much as my children so it’s certainly something all ages can enjoy. The climate-controlled environment and bright colors are particularly great for babies (on off-peak when it’s not too crowded).

4. Lagoon

Lagoon includes a huge area with a ton of rides for children (and adults) of all ages, from the fearful to the fearless. And, for water lovers, Lagoon-a-beach features pools, water rides, and more. If you are traveling with mixed-age children, you’ll love that there are real roller coasters for older kids who love them, fun things for kids who aren’t roller coaster lovers, and even great rides for younger kids. When visiting with younger children, you’ll want to check out Kiddieland.  Many rides have no height restrictions at all, and many more allow children 36” and taller to ride, so toddlers and preschoolers have plenty to do here, whether they are fearful or fearless. 

While Lagoon has tons of great options for meals, picky eaters or parents wanting to save a few dollars can pack a lunch and will find plenty of nice areas to picnic. Lagoon is great for your older kids as well. The view of the sunset from Cannibal is rumored to be phenomenal, but I can’t confirm this since I always have my little guys.  

Age Recommendation: Preteens and teens will most appreciate Lagoon, but there are rides for all ages.

5. Tracy Aviary and Liberty Park

The Tracy Aviary is awesome because it’s outside, and it just doesn’t get as crowded as other big attractions such as the aquarium or zoo. This allowed us to give our kids a bit more freedom, which was relaxing for me AND the kids and is easy to navigate with a stroller. 

Feeding the birds was a totally unforgettable experience!

Tracy Aviary is located inside of Liberty Park in the heart of Salt Lake City. The aviary offers some really special experiences for littles. My kids LOVED feeding the ducks and feeding the tropical birds during the Amazon Adventure. The owls and other large birds were other favorites for my kids, and I loved the colorful tropical birds.  

Feeding ducks was a favorite for my boys and their friend.

While in the area, don’t forget to check out the rest of Liberty Park. The park has some beautiful (usually quiet) paved walking trails, big trees for shade, a playground, a pond, and even a swimming pool. We love that even though you are right in Salt Lake City, the vibe of both the Aviary and the rest of Liberty Park is totally relax and carefree. It’s a perfect way to de-stress in the middle of a busy vacation!

Age Recommendation: Like the zoo and the aquarium, it seems younger children (under approximately age 10) will enjoy the aviary more than older kids. The aviary is particularly great for babies and toddlers because it’s quiet and relaxed. However, bird lovers of all ages will love this place.

6. The Gateway

The Gateway features tons of outdoor shopping, dining (indoor and some really nice outdoor dining), and is a great place to just hang out and walk around. They have a movie theatre, a Dave and Busters (with tons of arcades for kids and adults, and we love the MidiCi Pizza and Costa Vida for casual Mexican.

Plus, you can visit Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum and the Clark Planetarium

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum:

We LOVE children’s museums and visit them every chance we get. This one has a bunch of super fun exhibits, including a helicopter kids can climb in, a car for ‘fixing’, water play, a bee exhibit and much more! The water play is always a favorite for my kids, but bring an extra top because they tend to get a little carried away and leave quite wet!

Clark Planetarium

The Clark Planetarium has some fun space-themed exhibits where kids can imagine they are landing on the moon or Mars, learn about asteroids, and learn more about Earth. There are also some really great, totally kid friendly shows at the IMAX and Dome Theatres. We’ve seen a few Disney Nature shows in 3D and LOVED them. They also have space-themed shows, of course.

Age Recommendation: The Gateway Shopping Center is great for all ages. We recommend the children’s museum for kids under 8 and the planetarium for kids under 12.

7. Olympic Park in Park City

Make the short drive up to Park City for the totally unique experience of checking out the site of the 2002 Olympics. Though it’s been a LONG time since Salt Lake City hosted the Olympics, the Olympic Park Foundation has done a great job of keeping this site alive, active, and AMAZING.

The area features a bobsled track alpine slide, ski jumps, tubing course, ziplines, ropes course, and more.

Utah Olympic Park- photo credit Olympic Park Foundation

You can take a tour, and imagine what it must feel like to be a ski jumper at the top of the enormous ski jump. And the kids will be amazed to learn that ski jumpers start taking the big jumps at only 10 years old! You’ll also learn more about the history of the site and what it did for this relatively small town to host the Olympics.

Check the calendar as well. If you are REALLY lucky, you may be able to watch some athletes perform. We once visited a couple of weeks before the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and saw some of the Olympians jumping- what an experience!

There are tons of really great thrill-seeking activities as well. For kids 13 and older (and at least 100 lbs), you can ride in the bobsled! But be prepared- it’s pretty extreme! And kids 48″ and up can ride the less extreme Alpine Slide. Our favorite is probably the ropes course. It’s tons of fun and suitable for particularly brave kids 46″ and up. Make sure you review the rules and prices carefully before you make any promises to the kids. Prices are high and safety rules are strict (for good reason), but the experience is well worth the price if it’s within your budget.

Age Recommendation: Best for ages 10 and up, though all ages are welcome to visit. Many of the activities are intended for older kids, and toddlers may not be interested in the tour.

8. Snowbird

Summer or winter, Snowbird has plenty to do for families with kids.

Winter Activities

In the winter, Snowbird is an amazing full-service resort. Everyone in the family can rent gear, take lessons and get out on the mountain to ski or snowboard. They offer private lessons, or group lessons for anyone 3 years and up.

Just looking to enjoy the snow ski-free? They also have snowshoeing groups, snowmobile guided tours, or a scenic gondola ride. The lodge even has heated outdoor pools and hot springs so you can stay warm while enjoying the views!

Age Recommendation: Snowbird in the winter can be for ANY age but if you plan to ski or snowboard, my recommendation is 5+ (younger if you are a skiing-crazy family of course).

Summer Activities

In the summer, Snowbird has tons of daily activities for kids (AND adults), like a climbing wall, alpine slide, mountain coaster, ropes course, and much more. The mountain is open for hiking and mountain biking as well, or just a scenic summer gondola ride. And the mountain is beautiful in the summer with wildflowers and mountain views.

We LOVE visiting for Oktoberfest in the late fall. And Oktoberfest Snowbird is DEFINITELY not just for adults. The outdoor venue, delicious food and drinks, hilarious entertainment, and all the summer mountain activities open, it’s a perfect way to spend the day with your family.

Age Recommendation: All ages. We’ve enjoyed summer and Snowbird, and Oktoberfest with babies, toddlers, kids, teens, and of course, adults of all ages.

9. Hiking

The Salt Lake area is so beautiful. You and your family will definitely want to get out and explore. There are a million really great, kid-friendly hikes everyone in your family will love.

Temperatures in the summer in Salt Lake City can be quite high, so you’ll want to head out early in the morning to avoid peak temperatures in the afternoon, if you are visiting in the middle of summer. Temperatures up on the mountain are usually better, but you’ll still want to make sure you have plenty of water.

In the winter, trails can be snow-covered or snow-packed, so you might need Yaktrax (for icy conditions) or snowshoes (for very deep snow)- you can rent them from REI.

One other note: Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons do not allow dogs because of the extremely delicate watershed area. However, families with dogs will find plenty of other dog-friendly trails outside of those canyons.

A few of our favorite kid friendly hikes include:

Cecret Lake: 1.8 mile, mostly flat hike in Little Cottonwood Canyon takes you to a stunning lake and through some beautiful terrain.

Desolation Trail: This 4.2 mile, fairly steep trail in Millcreek Canyon may be a bit long for some families. But it’s worth it for the huge Salt Lake and mountain views at the top.

View from the top of Desolation Trail

Living Room Trail: 2.5 mile, and moderately steep trail near the University of Utah. Kids will love the rock ‘chairs’ at the top (large rocks arranged into seating), and the big Salt Lake Views. If you are traveling with older kids who are great hikers, bring a headlamp and check out the sunset from up top. The trail is steep and tricky at night, so we wouldn’t recommend it for younger or less experienced hikers.

Ferguson Canyon Trail: 4.3 miles but you this trail is more about the journey than the destination. In fact, if you make it about halfway to the waterfall, and stop there, you won’t be disappointed. If you want to continue to the top, you’ll be rewarded with a really great overlook.

Waterfall on Ferguson Canyon

Age Recommendation: All ages, but bring a baby carrier or a toddler carrier for younger children who can’t hike as far to save your back! And make sure everyone has comfortable hiking shoes for rocky Salt Lake area terrain, plenty of water, and perhaps a backpack for the kids and for yourself.

10. The Museum of Natural History

Located just east of the University of Utah (and is run by the University), the Museum of Natural History is a fantastic museum. It’s has a TON of great exhibits from dinosaurs to Utah’s Native Peoples, so everyone in the family will find something super interesting. Several of the exhibits are rotating, so check the site to see what they’ll have for your visit.

Of course for my family, the dinosaurs are the biggest hit! The giant bones are sure to thrill the younger kids. Older kids will love watching paleontologists work on real fossils. There are plenty of hands-on and interactive exhibits, plus lots of information for those who want to know more.

As an added bonus, the museum has a particularly beautiful location right in the foothills of the Wasatch range. You’ll love this museum from the moment you pull into the parking lot!

Age Recommendation: Suitable for all ages, though dinosaur lovers under age 12 will particularly love this museum.

11. Red Butte Gardens

Located right next door to the Museum of Natural History, the Red Butte Garden is another amazing University of Utah venue you’ll love. The huge gardens are filled with really stunning and unique flowers, pathways, ponds, and even a beautiful Children’s Garden with a small fountain for kids to play in.

The Red Butte Gardens always have some really great activities as well. They have classes for children, and adults, as well as art events, and much more. We LOVE their concert venue. It’s fairly small and intimidate, yet super casual. So you’ll feel comfortable there with your kids.

Age Recommendation: Plant and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

12. The Leonardo

The Leonardo is yet another fantastic kid-friendly museum with tons of hands-on, interactive exhibits. Many of the exhibits rotate, so you’ll need to check their current lineup before you visit. But you can expect to see some really unique and interesting exhibits such as video games, Pompeii, and social change.

The Leonardo has tons of programs and activities for kids, along with huge interactive exhibits (including a massive bin of Legos for building), so be sure to check the calendar to see what is happening during your visit.

The museum can get crowded, and a little chaotic so we recommend visiting earlier in the day, if possible.

Age Recommendation: Best suited for kids under about age 12, but check out special events and programs for older kids.

13. Salt Lake Bees – Minor League Baseball

Minor league baseball is so much more fun than you expect it to be. It’s as casual and fun as a great high school home game but with the amenities of a pro game. Even if you aren’t a baseball-loving family, the relaxed vibe will charm you and your family. You can wander around the stadium, watch the friendly bee mascot, grab a snack, and enjoy the game.

It’s a truly unexpected favorite of mine, and we think you’ll love watching the Salt Lake Bees as well. Be sure to check out the schedule here to see when the Bees are playing at home.

Age Recommendation: All ages, but most loved by 6-14 year olds or baseball lovers of all ages.

14. This Is The Place Heritage Park

For those unfamiliar with LDS history, here is the quick version of the story regarding This Is The Place Heritage Park. Back in 1844, LDS members were suffering religious discrimination. After the murder of Prophet Joseph Smith, they decided to make the long and exceptionally difficult trek out West to find a place to live in peace. When their new leader, Brigham Young, saw the Salt Lake Valley, he said- you guessed it “This is the place”, and the rest is history.

Today, This is the Place Heritage Park is much more than just a historical landmark. The site has so many activities to make it fun and interesting to learn about what life would have been like for those settlers. They have train rides, pony rides, mining activities, tons of demonstrations, snacks, and even a splash pad for children to cool off in during summer months.

Age Recommendations: Up to about age 12, or history lovers of all ages.

15. Boondocks

Looking for some lighthearted fun? Boondocks, just south of Salt Lake in Draper, delivers tons of nostalgic fun – including go-karts, laser tag, arcades, miniature golf, and all the other fun things from OUR childhoods that you didn’t think was around anymore.

Boondocks has so many fun things for all seasons and all ages. Plus, they have some great package deals to make it a lot more affordable for families.

We love the go-karts, and miniature golf is always fun! Younger children can explore the kiddie cove, and there are tons of fun arcades for kids of all ages (including plenty of non-violent games).

Age Recommendation: 6+ There are things to do for all ages, but many of the attractions have minimum height requirements, so younger children won’t be able to participate in many of the top attractions.

16. Wheeler Farm

Wheeler Farm is a working farm, with tons of fun activities for the whole family. You can just walk around the grounds and check out chickens pecking around, pigs playing, cows chomping grass. You can even watch (or participate) in cow milking!

The farm also has special wagon rides, and farm tours to give you a little more information about this wonderful little farm.

Free-roaming chickens in an urban farming setting

Plus, they even have a playground for kids to climb and play!

And check the calendar for some great special events. We’ve done cheese-making classes, and visited the farmers market, which features a farmers breakfast, and TONS of great local produce. If you see peaches, snatch them up! They are the best out there, in my opinion.

Age Recommendation: 8 and under, or animal/farm lovers of all ages.

17. Salt Lake Trolley Tours

If you want to see the WHOLE city in one day, or if you or someone in your family LOVES trains or trolleys and/or silly theatre, you’ll love the Salt Lake Trolley.

The replica trolley makes touring the city fun, with costumes, skits, and jokes. You’ll make your way through town, seeing the LDS famous Salt Lake City Temple, Utah state Capital building, the governors mansion, Salt Lake founder Brigham Young’s estate, and much much more. And your tour guide will have you and your kids laughing the whole way.

Age Recommendation: 5 and up will appreciate the tour the most. But younger children are welcome.

18. Heber Valley Railroad

Kids love trains. But once the thrill of boarding the train is done, the train ride usually ends up being PRETTY boring for kids. At Heber Valley Railroad, that its NOT the case. They have tons of super fun themed train rides for kids and adults.

In mid-summer, they have their Kids Train Days, with special kid-themed rides (like dinosaurs or princess & pirates), and an opportunity to take a picture with the conductor.

There are also many other special themed trains that kids will love, like Star Wars, Wizards, and, of course, the Polar Express in the winter.

The Heber Valley is beautiful, so you’ll also appreciate the scenery. And the historic trains are quite the site for train lovers, or anyone really!

Age Recommendation: 8 and under for the kids trains, or train lovers of all ages. Special themed trains may be more well suited for older kids as well.

19. Homestead Crater

Located just a short drive up the mountain in the adorable little town of Midway, the Homestead Crater is a small geothermal spring. The 400ft wide, and 65 ft deep natural pool is located inside of a hollow volcano-shaped crater. There is a small hole at the top allowing light and fresh air into the interior of the dome.

The mineral water stays between 90- 96°F- perfect for swimming. In fact, because of its depth and warm temperatures even in the winter, it’s the perfect place for scuba divers to learn and practice. You’ll likely see some divers getting certified when you visit. But it’s also a pretty amazing place for swimming or just relaxing in the warm water.

As you’d expect, the pool at the Homestead Crater does not look or feel like any other swimming pool. First, you enter through a cavern tunnel, and the dome itself has its natural cave walls. The dome is not particularly bright and the water is a beautiful mineral blue.

Kids will love the warm waters, and the truly unique feel. And movie buffs will love that this was the site of one scene from the movie 127 Hours.

Age Recommendation: All ages. It’s a unique experience everyone in your family will love.

Winter Specific Activities

20. Ice Castles

We have never actually made it to the Midway Ice Castles but it’s definitely on our list! Somehow, we never knew that it existed while we were were still living in Salt Lake City.

The Ice Castles are built by professional ice artists. Many are lit up with colored lights, or formed or carved into tunnels, slides, chairs, etc. There are several slides for kids (and adults), and some have minimum height requirements.

Photo Credit: Ice Castles AJ Mellor

Note that strollers are not allowed at this venue. Baby carrier or sleds are recommended alternatives.

The company that creates the Midway Ice Castles also has an Ice Castles located in Silverthorne, Colorado, North Woodstock, New Hampshire, and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. So if you miss the Utah Ice Castles, perhaps you’ll be able to make it to one of the other locations!

Age Recommendation: All ages will love this totally unique experience.

21. Tubing at Woodward Park City

IF you are visiting Utah in the winter and coming from a LESS snowy place, the snow sports might be pretty new to you and your family. Sledding is a great way to get out and enjoy the snow without a lot of prep and without the HUGE costs of learning to ski.

You can grab a sled or a tube and get out there almost immediately playing in the snow.

Going to a tubing park is a great way to get started. There is no need to find a secret, locals only sledding location, purchase sleds or tubes, or hike up the hill a million times carrying your tube. At a tubing park, you’ll find beautifully laid out tubing lanes, rental tubes, and a ‘magic carpet ride’ to effortlessly haul you and your gear back up to the top of the hill.

Age Recommendation: 4 and up. Younger kids under age 4 cannot tube, but there is a snow play zone they are welcome to play in.

22. Skiing and Snowboarding

Spectacular view to the mountains and blue ski tram at Snowbird ski resort in Utah

Utah has perhaps the best skiing in the country. The dry air makes the snow light and fluffy, and the not-too-cold temperatures and loads of ski resorts to match your preference make Utah a fantastic place to ski.

In fact, there are 9 ski resorts within an hour of Salt Lake City. All a little bit different and with their own pros and cons.

One note: Alta and Deer Valley still do not allow snowboarders. It’s a weird, old-fashioned rule, but it is the rule. So if you have any snowboarders in your group, make sure you check out one of the other resorts instead.

Park City Mountain is HUGE and so amazing. In fact, it’s the biggest ski area in the US, (followed by Big Sky resort near Bozeman, MT) with 7,300 skiable acres. It’s located right in the heart of the town of Park City, which is the skiing town of your dreams! You’ll find all the amenities you and your family will need, including rentals, ski lessons, runs for all skiing levels, tons of dining and shopping opportunities, and ski-in or close to the mountain lodging options, many with pools and/or kitchens. And, ski or board-loving families will appreciate that Park City is part of the Epic Pass Program. Both the Canyons Village and the Park City Village are amazing, but the Canyons Village is our pick for families with kids.

Brighton Resort is a favorite for Utah families because it’s an easier resort, making it the perfect place for kids to learn. It has a super casual atmosphere, and you’ll feel SUPER comfortable there with young kids- there are usually so many kids there enjoying the snow! Brighton offers lessons, rentals, and minimal dining and lodging (nothing like the villages found at Park City), but some great, fluffy, Utah skiing!

Sundance Mountain Resort has a special place in our hearts. It’s a beautiful, small, and intimidate resort that just has a really cozy feel. Everything, from the dining to the lodging, is absolute perfection. You’ll feel right at home, while also living in luxury (yes even with your kids). The resort is located at a lower elevation, so, we’ll admit, you won’t get as much snow as the further up-the-mountain resorts. But for casual, family skiing, Sundance is the best.

Age Recommendation: Some skiing families begin teaching their kids to ski as young as 3. But we recommend waiting until 4-5. Even then, kids may only be willing to try for a couple of hours. Obviously if your children already know how to ski, they’ll love skiing in Utah. So- age range? It really depends on your experience level, expectations, and patience.

Visiting Salt Lake City with toddlers and preschoolers is a wonderful experience! What do you think? What would you add to this list? We’d love to hear from you! Also, check out our other Utah posts on riding UTVs at Sand Hollow, near St. George.

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